Company: Radio Frequency Company

Equipment Snapshot: Responding to the needs of large-scale growers and remediation laboratories, RFC is adding a smaller pasteurization system to its family of larger conveyorized pasteurization systems. 

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Challenged by state microbial regulations for APCs, mold, yeast and bacterial content, growers are seeing their profitable flowers “failed” and reduced to less profitable distillates. By treating the flowers with radio frequency pasteurization, microbial content is reduced to the point where it will pass these safety regulations without negatively affecting their chemical composition.

With a design capacity of approximately 250 pounds per hour, this new smaller batch treatment system will join an established family of available treatment systems in RFC’s lineup for the food safety market place. These new batch systems are available at prices beginning at $150,000 with delivery times as quick as 12 weeks ARO. 

RFC also offers its clients in-house testing facilities at its factory in Millis, Massachusetts, and all systems are supported with a complete spare parts inventory and experienced field service technicians. All systems are OSHA, FCC and EU compliant and carry the UL label.