According to a story reported by Cincinnati Public Radio News, a Michigan-based car manufacturer making ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic reached out to Cincinnati-based Richards Industrials and asked if they could supply the particular valve needed immediately.

Charles Page, North American sales manager and business development manager for Richards Industrials, says the valves were needed to build equipment to check if newly built ventilators hold air properly with no leaks.

Page says they make everything to order, so the valves were not stocked, but that Richards was able to machine up a couple parts that were needed to complete the valves. Page says, “One of our guys literally got in his car and drove these 10 valves up I-75 and met somebody coming down south from Detroit.”

The company installed the valves in its testing equipment and the machines were in the hands of the major car manufacturer the next day, Page says.

Richards Industrials makes valves for a range of industries, including food and beverage manufacturing plants.

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