Eagle Product Inspection has found that deploying advanced X-ray systems at critical control points (CCPs) in the production and packaging process is a crucial, proactive step in mitigating risks from physical hazards. Although it is not possible to eliminate all the risks that lead to foodborne illness and injury, Eagle says that manufacturers can take steps to identify and prevent biological, chemical, allergenic and physical hazards.

The company offers a range of X-ray solutions that help manufacturers shore up their vulnerabilities to physical hazards, including material discrimination X-ray (MDX) dual energy technology for food inspection. MDX measures the ratio of two different sets of X-ray energies that pass through a product, enabling users to discriminate between organic and inorganic materials. According to Eagle, the dual energy technology has proven valuable in a variety of difficult product applications, such as multi-textured foods and those with high variations in density, like bagged salads, trail mixes, and bulk fruits, vegetables and meats.

The Eagle Pack 430 machine with MDX technology is designed for midsized packaged products and is capable of high-speed multi-lane inspection even in challenging cold and high-moisture environments.

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