AgroFresh Solutions Inc. has debuted edible plant-based coating for produce freshness under its VitaFresh Botanicals brand. VitaFresh Botanicals offers solutions for a wide variety of crops from citrus to avocados to mangos. For coatings, the products utilize “anti-thirst” technology to boost the skin’s natural protection, creating a double-skin membrane that reduces dehydration, maintains weight and locks in produce freshness throughout the supply chain. The turnkey solutions are easy to apply as part of regular packing operations. AgroFresh provides all necessary application equipment and expertise. 

VitaFresh Botanicals coatings are sustainable and created using certified ISO 14001 environmental management system standards. Many products are packaged in reusable containers. Excellent crop coverage at low application rates offers better cost efficiencies to operators and gives retailers a better opportunity to market the best quality produce using consumer-friendly claims, while reducing food waste, increasing profit potential and adding the capability to reduce the amount of plastic packaging needed for the produce.