Flexible packaging leader, ProAmpac, is expanding into North America with its Rapid Action Packaging’s (RAP) fresh food to-go packaging portfolio. Widely recyclable in paper streams, each product strives to remove avoidable plastics and use the least amount of materials possible. In addition to the sustainability benefits, ProAmpac’s fresh-food-to-go packaging offers modified-atmosphere options in a sleek and unified design with various customization options. 
With success in the U.K. and EU markets, the sustainable extended shelf-life packaging products ensure consumers experience the same quality and freshness whether food is produced in-store or upstream, said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer for ProAmpac. 
Acquired by ProAmpac in January 2021, RAP, a U.K.- based manufacturer, has a 24year history of delivering innovative and sustainable cellulose-based packaging products for fresh prepared and ready-to-eat food-to-go. Comprehensive packaging offerings include sandwich packs, trays, wraps, and soft wraps for standard flow wrap machines.