Dorner Conveyors

Vertical sanitary conveyor

The AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor by Dorner is engineered to move bulk products such as vegetables, fruits/grains/nuts, popcorn and others in straight-up 90° sanitary applications. The conveyor comes with a proprietary staggered sidewall belt that provides more pocket capacity than a traditional bucket elevator. Open frame, tool-less sanitary design for quick cleaning and more effective product changeover. FDA-approved and USDA-certified belts can be changed in as little as 20 minutes. 

Fortress Technology

Food conveyor

New tight fitting conveyor concept features a quick release and disassembly of the deck, belt, motor and rollers. The new conveyor saves time, money and labor and offers a hygienic solution. During the sanitization process, machine operators simply unclip and disconnect the conveyor motor and lift out the entire assembly. In just seconds, the conveyor belt is removed, along with its components. It offers no-tool maintenance. For a super-fast to disassembly, reassembly and eliminates the risk of losing a part or a screw accidently contaminating food. The smooth, enhanced belt design eliminates noise. 


Flexible screw conveyor

A wear-resistant flexible screw conveyor with carbon steel conveyor tube, heavy-duty flexible screw, and heavy-gauge floor hopper and discharge housing, capable of moving crushed glass, garnet, aluminum oxide, silica sand, aggregate, cement and other abrasive materials. The screw is available in lengths up to 40 feet (12 m) in round, square, flat or beveled. The 4-1/2 inch (115 mm) diameter conveyor tube is available curved to vertical to horizontal or any angle. The screw is the only moving part contacting material. As it rotates, the screw self-centers, providing ample space between itself and the tube wall to minimize/eliminate grinding. The gentle rolling action prevents the separation of blends, while the conveyor tube prevents product and plant contamination. 


5-lane accumulator

New series of mild steel constructed conveyors for varying height and width products travel through dual belt merge, enclosed pneumatic diverts, massive lane accumulation, combiners, single file technology and more. Product merges to one lane and then end transfers onto safety-enclosed 1:5 servo roll diverter. The divert will continuously rotate to fill 5 full lanes of accumulation. There is a combined accumulation capacity of 125 ft. of product. Each lane has a pneumatic end stop at discharge to halt flow on command. A 5:1 combiner merges product at the accumulator discharge to reduce flow back down to single file. Product then moves onto pneumatic metering clamps, roller belting and more, ultimately discharging onto the customer’s palletizing cell.

Alfa Laval

Hybrid power mixer

Eliminate lumping when dispersing and dissolving powdered pectin with the new hybrid power mixer (HPM) by Alfa Laval. With the HPM, pectin dispersion and dissolution are straightforward. The HPM is capable of aspirating powder while simultaneously pumping viscous solutions at pressures of 4 bar or more—without requiring an additional pump. A recent HPM trial for a European food processor eliminated lumping issues while preparing concentrated pectin solutions used for fruit preparation recipes. The mixer has 30% faster mixing time, increasing quality and yield also cutting overall pectin costs. Customers can test before buying.

Powder Process-Solutions

Bulk Bag Unloading System

Bulk bag unloading system has scale hoppers at each station that discharge ingredients per recipe into one of two convey lines delivering to 4 receiving stations.  All components in vacuum dense phase conveyor and convey line are a wet-wash sanitary design and demountable for easy access.  Vacuum receivers filter the convey air and discharge the collected batch of ingredients to their perspective mix station below.  High capacity vacuum pumps provide the motive air for high volume conveying of ingredients at a low velocity, eliminating the need for CIP cleaning of convey line.  
Photo: BBUs crop light-power-process-systems


Munson Machinery Company

Bag dump module

Bag Dump Module, constructed of stainless steel finish to industrial, pharmaceutical or food-grade standards, can be installed on the lid of bulk solid mixers, blenders, size-reduction equipment and storage vessels to contain dust generated when bulk materials are dumped manually. The self-contained module includes a dust hood with hinged door, a blower that draws airborne dust onto the outer surface of two PTFE one-micron pleated cartridge filters, and air nozzles that periodically dislodge accumulated dust, returning it to the vessel below. A removable, safety-interlocked access panel as standard allows inspection or replacement of the filters, while an optional safety-interlocked grate can be removed for access to the receiving vessel’s interior. The pre-drilled flanges on the rear and sides of the hood allow rapid fastening to mixers, blenders, size reduction equipment, storage vessels, and other equipment having horizontal covers with square openings from 24 to 30 in. (61 to 76 cm). The module is also available mounted on a floor hopper to charge conveyors, or gravity discharge from mezzanines into process equipment or storage vessels.

Key Technology

Automated grading system

Automated grading system for fresh green beans automatically removes defective green beans and foreign material (FM), while also separating green beans in clusters or with attached stems. This solution consists of Key’s Iso-Flo® vibratory and rotary separation equipment with VERYX® digital sorter, which reduces labor requirements, increases throughput and achieves consistent product quality. System removes product with defects such as tip rot, wind scars and wormhole damage as well as FM including rocks, insects and animal parts, glass and more. The Iso-Flo vibratory feed shakers ensure good product spread while the rotary separator removes small particles and small FM. The VERYX digital sorter separates incoming product into three streams. 


Temperature and vibration management system

The new technology monitors temperature and vibrations inside the grinding rolls, the most important part of machinery in the milling process. To maintain quality and consistency it is essential to apply the same pressure along the rolls. Any deviation results in reduced quality and consistency of the flourThe TVM offers accurate measurements to adjust any imbalances in the grinding gap. Wireless sensors are placed inside the rollers that connect to the Bühler IoT sensing device. Temperature and vibration are measured at multiple points along the entire length of the rollers showing the temperature distribution and vibration patterns. The process can be monitored remotely via a user-friendly interface on any device.


Centrifugal sifters

GS centrifugal sifters capture and remove foreign objects from granular and powdered product streams to prevent contamination and safeguard downstream equipment. Sifters pass the product stream through a rotating mesh screen sized to allow on-spec material to continue downstream while rocks, bones, metal parts, bulk bag pieces, etc. are blocked and diverted for analysis and disposal. Contaminants are safely removed, product quality assured and downstream equipment protected from damage. Rotary sieves are offered in a choice of carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel with a dust-tight housing and a range of surface finishes to meet sanitary and/or hazardous environment requirements. The sifters come with screens ranging in mesh sizes from 100-4,000 μm and a removable basket assembly for complete screen cleaning.