ModSort® technology by System Plast®, recently incorporated into several conveyor systems, is driven by MDR technology, designed to transfer, sort, divert, left justify, right justify and works with all shapes and sizes. The company says it is easy to integrate, programmable, has virtually no noise, low voltage and safe. The ModSort uses a System Plast roller-top belt with spheres on 1” centers that provide the capability of omnidirectional control of products being transported. The belt also is powered by a 24 VDC motorized driven roller in direction of travel, while a divert belt with similar drive is located below the spheres and runs perpendicular to the top belt in either direction. The result is the ability to combine the two belt motions to create a divert on the fly for the product at a designated vector angle left or right, or if the roller top belt is stopped the product can be diverted at 90 degrees. (Modsort and System Plast are trademarks of Regal Beloit Corporation.)