HyperScope™ is a new system for in-line verification of the integrity of hermetically sealed rigid plastic packaging containing food. It checks the seals on rigid trays, pots and other thermoformed packages sealed with plastic film, even when printed. With packaging with a printed top film, the contamination can even not be seen. That problem is solved by hyperspectral imaging, which analyses a wider light spectrum than just the visible range to include near-infrared frequencies. Infrared waves are able to penetrate plastic film and as different materials react uniquely to infrared light, they can be reliably detected based on their specific properties of transmission, reflection and absorption of these wavelengths. The spectrum of each pixel in the acquired image is analysed to provide information about chemical composition. Any undesired materials in the plastic seal area such as meat, fat or oil can be detected in high contrast, even through an opaque top film, and is shown on the control screen in a different color.