Signode, a leading global manufacturer of end-of-line packaging equipment, tools, and consumables, has launched the Multi FleX1 Electric with stretch hood technology. The Multi FleX1 Electric is the latest addition to Signode’s Lachenmeier brand of stretch hooders used around the globe for optimized load containment. 

The newest offering features an electrically operated stretch frame and the machine frame movement is electrical as well. Its overall smaller footprint, due to reduced safety-area fencing, means that the Multi FleX1 Electric can also maximize production floor space and be placed closer to a facility’s perimeter.

The Multi FleX1 Electric shares the same five-sided protection attributes as the traditional Multi FleX1. It has the ability to be fitted with several film rolls, allowing it to wrap multiple load sizes with greater variations quickly. The machine hosts a variety of film patterns, including fully closed hoods, film sleeves, short hoods, and film reinforcement capabilities. The Multi Flex1 Electric is engineered for cubed loads, irregular loads with protrusions, and varying product shapes, and is capable of wrapping more than 200 loads per hour. 

From palletized goods in the food, beverage and pharma industry to bricks, blocks and bagged commodities in the building industry, the Multi FleX1 accommodates variable load sizes and types. Depending on the industry environment where the machine is operating, the Multi FleX1 is now available with either a hydraulically or an electrically operated stretch frame. And with multiple film options, including transparent, colored, perforated and printed, it can be further tailored for other production requirements from those requiring high-shelf storage to those for transparency to read barcodes.

The machine’s reliability and low maintenance are enabled by its new steel-reinforced timing belt movement. This ensures a well-balanced frame due to its Quatro timing belt suspension, the four-sided frame suspension as in the existing Multi FleX1. 

About Signode

Signode is the $2+ billion global Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc., with more than 95 manufacturing facilities and 7,000 employees worldwide. The breadth and depth of Signode’s experience and product portfolio allows the company to offer the resources, reach, and vision to provide transit packaging solutions, from the smallest to largest of customers.