Reduce cost and downtime of filter bag maintenance and improve operator safety in both batch and continuous processing operations


Upgrade to premium Eaton HAYFLOW filter elements in Eaton MAXILINE VMBF multi-bag filter housings with QIC-LOCK opening mechanism


Reduced filter bag changes from once per shift to once every three days while simplifying maintenance procedures and improving operator safety

One of the largest producers in the sugar industry traces its roots all the way back to 1799. Today the company descended from that enterprise produces 6.5 million tons of sugar annually from plants in the Americas and Europe.

Of course, the granulated sugar used to sweeten a morning coffee is only one of many sugar-based products included in that 6.5 million tons. Liquid sugar is the sweetener of choice for many foods and beverages and it’s produced on an industrial scale in a US plant that has been in continuous operation for about 100 years.