The Turbo Compact Mixing (TCM) module offers integrated feeding with continuous mixing on a compact footprint. The TCM features the company’s gravimetric loss-in-weight inline feeder to automatically meter precise amounts of dry material into the companion continuous mixer for fast, gentle, homogeneous mixing. The self-contained mixing system is ideal for food, nutrition and pharmaceutical recipes with multiple major, minor and micro-ingredients such as flavors, colorants and other additives where hygiene is paramount and cross-contamination cannot be permitted. Developed for those requiring fast, frequent product changeovers, the mixer system disassembles in minutes and offers full access to the mixing chamber and feeder interior for easy, complete cleaning and confident visual inspections. The Turbo Compact Mixing module mixes up to 20,000 liters/hour and may be installed directly upstream from extruders and filling equipment. FDA-compliant models for hygienic processing and ATEX-certified models for hazardous environments are options.