CULT Food Science Corp. has diversified its cell-based food portfolio via an investment into cultured chocolate manufacturer, California Cultured Inc., Davis, Calif. The company uses cell culture technology to produce cocoa products like cocoa powder, chocolate and cocoa butter with the goal of creating sustainable and ethical chocolate for consumption around the world.

Alongside other capital allocators to the cellular agriculture industry, such as London Stock Exchange-listed Agronomics Limited, CULT supports California Cultured’s mission and is optimistic about the future of cell-based food production in chocolate and other major food categories.

California Cultured is focused on manufacturing cocoa by cultivating optimum cocoa cells in tanks. Ingredients are to be sourced in the United States, which will ensure that its products adhere to high ethical and sustainability standards. If successful, the overall process of cocoa production will be done without deforestation and child labor. California Cultured is motivated to find a solution to the major issues of concern at the root of chocolate production, while providing chocolate-loving consumers with premium cocoa products.