Hot dog lovers are finally getting a plant-based version of the iconic Chicago-style dog. Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of plant-based brand Field Roast, has announced a partnership with Portillo’s. Serving Chicago-style hot dogs for 59 years, Portillo’s has introduced its first-ever plant-based hot dog.

Now available at restaurants nationwide, the new Garden Dog is custom-crafted for Portillo’s and topped with the classic Chicago-style hot dog toppings: mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomatoes,

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans eat more than 7 billion hot dogs every year during “peak hot dog season,” between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This plant-based hot dog is pea protein-based, inspired by the flavors of premium, kosher-style beef hot dogs. They are double smoked using maple hardwood chips and a combination of steam and dry heat. The plant-based hot dog also offers the same amount of protein per serving as most traditional hot dogs, but contains less sodium and is made without nitrites or GMOs. Also available at retail stores nationwide, Field Roast fans can now also enjoy the Signature Stadium Dog at Portillo’s.

“When we first started thinking about bringing a plant-based hot dog to our menus, we tasted dozens of different versions. It became clear that Field Roast produces the best product on the market,” says Michael Osanloo, Portillo’s CEO and president. “When Field Roast customized its Signature Stadium Dog just for us, we knew we had a winner. We can’t wait for our guests—both new and old—to be able to enjoy the Garden Dog, our delicious take on this iconic American classic.”