Blentech launched its frontline cooking equipment in pre-engineered versions, aiming to drastically reduce both price and delivery time. The company says that its pre-engineered solutions are derived from its most popular engineered parents. This move aims to directly benefit food processors by allowing for a variety of budgets and timelines. Prices are targeted to drop as much as 50% while lead times are estimated to be as short as 12-16 weeks for all pre-engineered products.

Daniel Voit, CEO of Blentech, says, "Cost effectiveness of pre-engineered solutions does not imply less features but evolution of our manufacturing technique and strategic elimination of engineering overheads. In fact, our pre-engineered models are designed to include features that exceed most equipment currently sold in the market."

Blentech's pre-engineered solutions are designed to reduce time to get to production quicker which in turns reduces time to get food to market.