Cove announced a partnership with Erewhon for it to be the first retailer of Cove’s full biodegradable water bottles. Cove’s water bottles will be available at Erewhon stores throughout Los Angeles, as well as online through its website. The company states that another partnership with a retailer will be announced in the coming months as their production and manufacturing grows.

"Erewhon will also offer a valuable end of life option for our customers by allowing them to deposit their used Cove bottles into their bins for compostables, which will then be routed to a local compost operation for biological recycling," said Alex Totterman, founder and CEO of Cove.

The PHA in Cove’s bottles and caps is reportedly certified biodegradable by TÜV Austria in marine, soil, and freshwater environments, as well as in industrial and home compost. The company also states that its bottles and caps will compost in an industrial setting within 90 days.