Following a petition from Kellogg Company, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced increases to the fortification levels of Vitamin D allowed within the cereal category and now allows fortification of Vitamin D in grain-based bars. The company petitioned the FDA to review fortification regulations for cereals and grain-based bars with Vitamin D.

"Kellogg fortified cereals and milk have long been a delicious and affordable way to get Vitamin D," says Nigel Hughes, Kellogg Company's SVP, global R&D and innovation. "Now, everyday foods, like cereal and grain-based bars, can go even further toward helping people access and consume Vitamin D, creating better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030."

In addition to fortifying foods with Vitamin D, Kellogg says it is also innovating new foods leveraging inherent sources of the nutrient. Pure Organic Crackers made with Cheese and Veggies will reportedly be the first better-for-you cracker to have a good source (10% Daily Value) of Vitamin D from mushroom powder. The crackers will appear on supermarket shelves this January.

To help consumers quickly identify these foods, Kellogg says many of its new foods will include the percent Daily Value on Facts Up Front packaging callouts. All Kellogg foods list the Vitamin D content on the Nutrition Facts Panel.