New data science tool MELSOFT MaiLab (Mitsubishi Electric AI Laboratory) is designed to drive productivity improvements on manufacturing lines. The solution offers a platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize operations while maximizing equipment monitoring, visibility and diagnostics.

MELSOFT MaiLab acts as a virtual AI data scientist. Deploying quickly with minimal training required, the solution bases recommendations and actions on intelligence derived from both live and historic data. It uses machine learning (ML), a subfield of AI, to automate data gathering across a variety of systems, predictive model creation, analysis and the mining of large volumes of data.

Also, the software helps users to understand what the data are suggesting while supporting them throughout data analysis projects, which is achieved by having the datasets being processed and analysis models created based on end goals selected by operators.

Connected to the manufacturing system, the MELSOFT MaiLab was developed to support different application scenarios and can be tailored to individual setups. It can be used in off-line mode to feed existing empirical data to develop or refine suitable predictive models and customized using open Python scripts. It provides real-time diagnostics, providing the data generated as the production line operates to the algorithms and returning insights on the status of the line, its performance and how it can be optimized.

The platform can also offer additional information and functions to address the needs and requirements of various departments as well as subject matter experts (SMEs).