adapa Group’s ProPeel-IWS (Individually Wrapped Slices) films combine low material thickness with puncture and tear resistance and accommodate maximum speeds on vertical flow-pack lines. The flow-wrap film is designed for individual wrapping of processed cheese slices.

The multilayer, coextruded polypropylene films ProPeel-IWS are heat-resistant with a melting point of up to 165°C to work with hot filling. In flow-pack machines, the film is formed into a tube into which hot processed cheese mass is continuously dosed vertically at the approximate temperatures of 80° to 85°C.

ProPeel-IWS includes a sealing layer, which allows for maximum packing speeds. The mechanical stability of the films (tensile strength, stiffness, low elongation) achieves optimal machine runability as well as puncture and tear resistance.

After the film has enclosed the hot product, it is pressed into slices, sealed and then cut, either in a hot or cooled state, depending on the type of system. The coefficient of friction of the film surface can be adjusted.