good2grow has launched its first food product, Snackers, that feature crackers in collectable licensed character topped packaging.

good2grow plans to introduce 55 character tops for Snackers in 2023 that will have regional and national retail distribution. 

According to Gunnar Olson, CEO of good2grow, “We identified a strategic growth opportunity to expand into the better-for-you kids’ food space to complement our beverage line.” 

good2grow Snackers are available in 2-oz., single-serve packages and include baked oat and wheat crackers in two flavors, Cinnamon and Chocolate. Snackers are topped with reclosable and reusable lids featuring characters from Disney, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Comcast Universal and more. 

The company introduced an organic milk product in 2021 and has updated its Collectors Club app to include a rewards program where increased activity earns prizes.