Atlantic Zeiser has announced that it will be presenting the new DIGLINE Vario printer at Interpack 2023, at the Coesia booth, Hall 6, booth D31-D57. The new machine allows for full-color on-demand printing of flexible laminates for pouch packaging and flow wrapping applications. According to the company, this eliminates the need to order, handle and store many different pre-printed reels of flexible narrow-web materials.

DIGILINE Vario is one of the innovations the Coesia Group will be presenting at Interpack 2023 under the heading GREENMATION. The name 'GREENMATION' is reportedly the group’s response to the current trend, prompted by consumer demands toward sustainable packaging solutions, while manufacturers face labor shortages and production cost increases.

"In this complex situation, Coesia believes that the answer to this profitability-threatening challenge lies in supporting a revolution in production that is capable of combining the principles of automation and sustainability in the industries of food & beverage, pharma & personal care, and cross-industry automation," says Alessandro Parimbelli, Coesia chief executive officer.

Coesia states that its booth will be structured into three areas (food & beverage, pharma & personal care and cross-industry automation) where technicians and experts will present the latest solutions from several Group companies: ACMA, Atlantic Zeiser, CITUS KALIX, EMMECI, FlexLink, G.D., GF, HAPA, NORDEN, R.A. Jones and VOLPAK.

According to Coesia, with inline digital printing, the production of packaging from flexible laminates such as pouches and stick packs could be made more efficiently. Cost and ordering time, handling, and storage of multiple pre-printed rolls of flexible narrow web materials are not necessary. The company further explains reliance on film suppliers could also be reduced. Along with Coesia’s other presentations, Atlantic Zeiser will be presenting the new DIGILINE Vario. The printer is available as an inline, nearline and offline version (“roll to roll”).

Offering a printing speed of up to 60 meters per second, the DIGILINE is able to maintain a high throughput of existing production lines. The company states the printer offers high-resolution color printing and web tension management for high print quality. Using the new ProFlo inkjet technology, DIGILINE is able to focus on small printing details such as graphics, fonts, coding or serialization with a reduction in energy during curing.

The DIGILINE Vario features a pre-validated package containing printing and inspection units that share end-to-end workflow. This means that technical integration of the camera into workflow and set-up validation takes less time than other digital printing solutions, Atlantic Zeiser states.

Along with camera integration, no reference image is necessary. Inspection is based only on the original PDF and encompasses the entire print image, printed data, codes, grading and colors. Using the OptiMate HMI, a clear structure with intuitive user guidance reportedly aids in training employees to operate the machine. Atlantic Zeiser states that the printer ensures the consistency of brand images, process reliability, and traceability.