Clarke Energy USA, Inc., a Kohler Co., announced it has signed on in agreement with Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages LLC to deliver a “quadgeneration” system in New York. Beverage-grade CO2 upgrading systems will provide Liberty with an in-house supply of carbonation for beverage production.

Quadgeneration is the process of generating electricity, heat and cooling at high efficiency and in parallel recovering carbon dioxide (CO2) from the system then polishing it to beverage grade standard CO2. Generating energy using combined heat and power technology delivers carbon savings versus grid sourced electricity. The recovery of COreduces the need to source COfrom the market. The electricity, heat, and cooling will be generated locally to the bottling plant, helping to eliminate transmission and distribution losses.

Liberty has selected Clarke Energy to design and install the process that will bring carbon dioxide generation and recovery onsite. Previously, Liberty would purchase CO2 and import it to site to aid in the carbonation process during the production of beverages. With the new installation of two Jenbacher gas-powered reciprocating engines, the company will recover CO2  from the engine exhaust systems. The CO2 recovery process involves exhaust gas upgrading systems to bring the final product to International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) and Coca-Cola internal CO2 standards, according to Liberty. In addition to providing almost 1,700 kW of electrical power to the facility, the engines will also provide thermal energy and cooling for internal processes.

Paul Mulligan, co-owner of Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages says, "Through Clarke Energy's technology, we will be able to generate our own beverage-grade quality CO2 for our products while simultaneously powering our bottling plant."