Estal debuted its expanded catalog of distillery bottles. Estal offers a single package that each brand can customize from scratch to adapt it to the essence of the product. With customization possibilities offered by Estal's catalog, the company says distinctive packaging can be achieved from a standard bottle or by selecting the ultimate customization option through the creation of a mold designed for the brand. 

By applying DobleAlto, which features a double height in the base, acting as a podium without increasing the amount of glass required for its manufacturing, the product is elevated, perceived as robust and stands out. 

The Rude collection for distillery utilizes Wild Glass, 100% recycled PCR glass. It is a collection of bottles with a Choker neck, naturally rough in finish, with the possibility to complete it with the Corkcoal closure, which combines cork and activated charcoal. These two materials, when combined, reportedly reduce waste generated in production and eliminate the use of chemical bleaches. 

The Wildly Crafted bottle collection puts imperfections at the center, embracing their uniqueness and promoting the aesthetic appeal found beyond ecological awareness. 

Another combination is applying the Wild Glass 100% recycled PCR glass to a bottle with the Doble Alto finish. This achieves the balance between beauty, design and sustainability. 

Estal says it has worked with spirits manufacturers in the U.S. Diageo North America, with brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness, or Tanqueray, is one of them, as well as the whisky and vodka producer from Kentucky, Jeptha Creed; the gin brand Astraea; the manufacturer and distributor of Caribbean rum, Pusser's Rum; Fabrizia Spirits; and companies like Wes Brands, founded in 2021, Veritable Distillery and Maison Marcel. 

Estal's presence in the U.S. market also extends to the field of design through  collaborations with agencies like Stranger and Stranger, the Chad Michael Studio or the designers from CF Napa.