Z Natural Foods has introduced Chocolate Milk Powder with three ingredients and no added sugar.

Chocolate Milk Powder is available in a 1-lb. quantity for $12.99, a 5-lb. quantity for $49.99, and a 55-lb. size for under $7.50 per pound. Chocolate Milk Powder is packaged in airtight, standup, resealable foil pouches for freshness.

Chocolate Milk Powder features whole milk and organic cacao, with no added sugar or preservatives. Crafted from raw cacao beans, it aims to provide an authentic chocolate flavor, both indulgent and guilt-free. Chocolate Milk Powder's nutrition profile is enhanced with quality whole milk.

To make chocolate milk, the mix is combined with cold or hot water. The powder can be used as an ingredient in desserts, smoothies and baked goods.