EPI Ingredients has contributed its expertise to a reference in organic yogurt powder. 

This product is the illustration of Groupe Laïta's CSR approach initiated in 2015, Passion du Lait. It offers organic powdered yogurt, as more than 3,100 organic products with powdered milk products have been launched worldwide, including 90 with yogurt powder. Organic yogurt powder can offer sustainability, ethics and functional benefits.

 To support food industry players in the organic market, EPI Ingredients has carried out sourcing work (raw materials and suppliers) and certified its production facilities to meet the requirements of organic specifications. 

The result is an organic yogurt powder suited to the development of products offering functional, nutritional and organoleptic benefits without the need for refrigeration, the company says.

EPI Ingredients says the benefits of its powder include:

  • A natural yogurt taste.
  • Fermentation control for active or inactive flora.
  • Quality.

The organic yogurt powder can be used in a wide range of applications, including ice creams, beverages, infant nutrition, adult nutrition, bakery products.

In particular, it can be found in:

  • Fillings and toppings for pastries and cakes
  • Ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Confectionery, seasonings
  • Fresh dairy products (such as new ethnic references).
  • Stable yogurt snacks at room temperature
  • Yogurt drinks and other beverages
  • Nutritional products.