Made with USDA-certified organic nopal cactus leaf, this organic cactus water contains antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids to form a hydrocolloid that promotes absorption and retention in the body. Known as The Desert Hydrator, it is available in lime, papaya and watermelon flavors and has 5g of organic agave sugar and 30 calories.

“We’re one of very few cactus waters on the market that is produced from the cactus leaf rather than prickly pear,” says founder Sarita Lopez. “The cactus leaf contains antioxidants, betalains, electrolytes and amino acids. When combined with water, the result is a light, clean, refreshing hydration source, excellent for the body in hot conditions or after an intense workout.”

Lopez first discovered the health benefits of cactus water while working on her family’s Napa-based organic farm, where health-conscious locals would buy her cactus leaves to use them as a juicing ingredient.

The hydrocolloid in nopal cactus leaf binds to water and acts like a sponge. It is what gives the cactus the ability to absorb and retain water and micronutrients and survive in the desert heat. This cactus water contains this same hydrocolloid, which boosts hydration, absorption and retention in the human body.

It is available on Amazon for $17.94 per 6 pack of 12 fl.-oz. cans. It is also available in select grocery stores throughout the Southwest, including H-E-B and Raleys, with plans to expand nationwide later this year.