Glatt announced it will present safety concepts at POWTECH 2023 in Nuremberg (Germany). Glatt combines engineering with technological knowledge from its experience as a plant manufacturer and operator. Attendees can discover which concepts and innovations Glatt has developed and how they pay off in terms of product quality, fire/explosion protection, operational safety, heat recovery and environmental compatibility, the company states.

Glatt reportedly takes a holistic approach to planning new facilities and converting existing ones. This focuses on particle design and ensures sustainable operation, especially in bulk materials processing industries. In addition to optimized space concepts and complete building solutions, Glatt’s expertise extends to waste and environmental management, energy concepts and the handling and containment of toxic and highly active substances.

Hygienic design and product safety

Particular attention is paid to hygienic and safe production, especially in the food sector and for items entering the consumer market. Glatt has implemented processes in production facilities to meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative’s Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC), which minimizes product liability in the event of damage.

Glatt states that its specialists take structural and conceptual aspects into account and the process itself to develop new concepts for the dust- and contamination-free handling of highly active toxic products, for example. Design improvements such as securing individual components against overpressure-induced bursting are also part of the process and make cleaning and maintenance work on fluidized bed and spouted bed systems safer for employees.


Tailor-made explosion protection

Glatt offers various explosion prevention devices and measures that have been assessed theoretically and subsequently proven in practical tests. Ignition sources are avoided as far as possible, all parts are earthed, and an appropriate plant design is chosen to ensure maximum safety. Customers can select from the most appropriate option: explosion suppression, pressure relief, inert gas or vacuum operation.

At the Glatt Technology Centre in Weimar, tests are done on producing and functionalizing powders, granulates and pellets, and further trials are run to optimize the process. Safety-relevant processes can also be tested at a laboratory scale before being used in production.