Kraft Heinz’s KRAFT Singles has joined with Top Chef finalist, Shirley Chung, to bring the world a Chinese American fusion: KRAFT Singles’ Souplings. In a twist on the American classic, Souplings are tomato soup and grilled cheese, made with KRAFT Singles, merged for the first time.

The age-old combination of melty grilled cheese and tomato soup has transcended generations. one constant remains: dipping your melty, gooey grilled cheese into tomato soup is a must. With KRAFT Singles’ Souplings, the taste and melt of KRAFT Singles is combined with tomato soup—no dunking required.

“Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup is the American icon for simple, classic, go-to comfort food. Dumplings, too, are a delicacy that delivers easy enjoyment,” says Stephanie Vance, brand manager, Kraft Singles. “KRAFT Singles is thrilled to partner with Chef Shirley, known for her celebrations of American classics via unique Chinese fusions, to bring people a playful new way to enjoy the simple, melty flavors of this combo.”

“I love marrying traditional, authentic Chinese cuisine in new and progressive American ways,” says Chung. “What better way to marry the traditions of Chinese cuisine than with the delightful, simple flavors of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup? Of course, I had to use Kraft Singles as the best and meltiest American Cheese for an amazing Grilled Cheese however you enjoy it."

Starting November 8th, the KRAFT Singles Souplings will be available at Chung’s restaurant, Ms Chi Café in Culver City, Calif., for a limited time. Those that are unable to make it to the restaurant can join a waitlist to order the Souplings on