Gudrun is launching new Cacaofruit Bites that have been developed in accordance to the principle of upcycling, with the goal of reducing waste streams. This concept converts side streams into value streams. In other words, upcycling upgrades materials normally treated as waste and turns them into valuable ingredients.

Sofie De Lathouwer, CEO Gudrun, says, "With our new Cacaofruit Bites, we have created a top-notch Belgian chocolate product that not only offers a taste explosion, but also takes the sustainable nature of our company to the next level. There is a reason why our slogan is 'chocolates, we take it personally.' This product also shows that we hear our younger target groups who are rightly sounding the alarm and are very conscious about the future of the planet. If we want to continue to enjoy chocolates, we have to find ways to treat the planet with more respect. Our Cacaofruit Bites proves that innovation, taste and sustainability can go perfectly together."