PawCo Foods launched its two newest plant-based dog food products, LuxBites, InstaBites. PawCo Foods uses AI for nutrition optimization and palatability improvement of its products.

InstaBites is a fresh shelf stable plant-based dog food. Tailored for convenience, these shelf-stable meals are a low-cost alternative to kibbles and offer the quality of fresh food with the ease of dry food storage. 

LuxBites is a premium fresh dog food formulated with postbiotics and fermented protein. This composition is designed to enhance gut health, boost immunity, and ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

Founded by a former ImpossibleFoods employee and supported by a team of scientists and board-certified animal nutritionists, PawCo pioneered GreenMeat, a fully plant-based meat tailored for pet food, and are now expanding the product range. The company aims to offer pets complete and balanced plant-based meals, stating that these new products have unique features and health benefits. 

"Our mission at PawCo is to ensure every dog and dog owner has access to healthy and affordable meal alternatives, without sacrificing other animals' lives," says Dr. Mahsa Vazin, founder and CEO of PawCo Foods. "We are using AI in various parts of our process to ensure the food is optimized for dogs while improving the palatability and taste of our products."