ASI is collaborating with Rootwurks to provide training programs to the food and cannabis industries.

Rootwurks offers an affordable, accredited HACCP certification course, which will now be offered to ASI’s clientele through the exclusive partnership, along with other compliance tools such as checklists, guides, on-demand learning modules, assessments, internal auditing tools, and customizable learning plans.

Rootwurks aims to simplify tedious on-the-job training required for food and cannabis manufacturing. This partnership will result in various educational programs tailored for the industry, drawing on Rootwurks' training and EdTech expertise and over a century of auditing experience accrued by ASI's subject matter experts. 

“We are always on the lookout for ways to leverage technology to enhance our services, and the Rootwurks platform is not only on the cutting-edge of innovation, but also user-friendly and easy for our clients to quickly implement,” said ASI CEO Tyler Williams.

Rootwurks’ Founder Chase Eastman spent more than 15 years in food manufacturing safety, compliance and workforce training, witnessing how difficult these demands can be for industry professionals before introducing the platform.

“Our mission from Day One has been to help food and cannabis companies manage the daily safety, training, and compliance obligations of both industries and create a culture of safety in the workplace, something that will be far easier to accomplish now that we have joined forces with the experts at ASI,” Eastman said.