The top three attributes requested by customers looking for new packaging machinery are flexibility, fast speed and quick changeover capability, according to a recent survey of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) member companies. Charles D. Yuska, president of PMMI, says that the need to boost operational productivity and corporate profits is the driving force behind the requests for these machinery attributes. The survey also identified the four machine control feature improvements most often requested by customers: data acquisition, set-up screens, diagnostics and on-machine instruction sheets.

The American Italian Pasta Company acquired the Golden Grain/Mission pasta brand from PepsiCo this month, giving it the leading market share in five major markets in the northwest United States—San Francisco, Spokane, Seattle, Portland and Sacramento. AIPC already produces more than half of the Golden Grain/Mission pasta volumes in a production outsourcing arrangement with PepsiCo. The remainder will be transitioned into AIPC’s manufacturing and distribution network. According to the agreement, no production assets will be purchased.

Paul S. Steinitz is director of marketing for Foxboro Automation Systems. He will oversee product launches of the Foxboro A2 family of automation system platforms.

Gough Econ Inc. appointed David P. Risley as president and chief executive officer. The company also named Andrew J. Leitch vice president of sales.

Agrilink Foods, Inc. has changed its name to Bird’s Eye Foods, Inc., after its founder Clarence Birdseye. The name change will not effect the structure or ownership of the organization. Based in Rochester, NY, the company processes fruits and vegetables in 30 facilities nationwide.

Donald Hensley is now the director of business development for Suitt Construction Company’s Florida office.

Wolfgang Platz, a 21-year veteran of Pall Corporation, has been appointed corporate vice president of the company’s global food and beverage business.