planetary disperser discharge system charles ross son companyDesigned for high-viscosity, multi-stage mixing, the Ross PowerMix planetary disperser and discharge system turnkey package consists of a stirrer blade and saw-tooth disperser that rotate on their respective axes at different speeds while orbiting the mix vessel. The high-speed disperser incorporates powders, fibers, pellets and other solids into a liquid batch. The planetary blade continuously sweeps the vessel walls and bottom; the stirrer also helps move viscous material toward the saw-tooth blade. Used in conjunction with a Ross discharge system, the package achieves the high-throughput production of viscous dispersions up to approximately 2 million centipoise. After the mixing cycle, the vessel is rolled over to the discharge station where a platen forces the finished product out of the bottom valve. A raised base allows product to be discharged directly into 5-gal. pails.
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