The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) announced its Global Food Traceability Center has received a research grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to study the impact of traceability on consumer attitudes and business performance in the seafood industry. The project aims to improve performance and efficiency in the seafood industry by examining the impact of traceability on waste reduction, consumer trust and business efficiencies.

“We are truly excited to receive this important and timely grant from the Moore Foundation. This project fits perfectly with the Center’s vision to become the global resource and authoritative voice on food traceability,” says William Fisher, IFT vice president of science & policy initiatives and executive director of the Global Food Traceability Center. “Consumers around the world are much more knowledgeable and demanding about the food they purchase. Consumers are seeking transparency about the food they eat including labeling, sustainable practices and information about from where their seafood comes.”