New Salmonella serotype discoveredResearchers at Texas Tech University have discovered a new serotype of the salmonella bacteria which the university says will help provide a better understanding of the bacteria and provide new ways of looking at its prevention.

The discovery of the serotype, named Salmonella Lubbock after the city where it was found, was made by Marie Bugarel, a research assistant professor at the university’s department of animal and food sciences in the college of agricultural sciences and natural resources. The new serotype was confirmed by international references.

 “This discovery illustrates there is more that needs to be discovered about salmonella and how it interacts with cattle populations,” said Guy Loneragan, a professor of food safety and public health. “With this understanding will come awareness of how to intervene to break the ecological cycle and reduce salmonella in animals and in beef, pork and chicken products.”

 The university said Bugarel, has an extensive background in salmonella research and has worked on developing new tools to detect salmonella, new approaches to distinguish serotypes and ways to understand salmonella’s biology.

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