Tetra Pak has launched of a new high-capacity extrusion line, the most-efficient solution currently available for the large-scale production of ice cream sticks and sandwiches.

“For 70 years, we’ve been helping our customers deliver quality ice cream products with outstanding taste and texture,” says Peter Lindstrom, ice cream category director at Tetra Pak. “This new solution allows them to increase production volumes, while providing the same high quality at a significantly reduced cost per product.”

Capable of delivering up to 43,200 pieces per hour, the new line surpasses an industry average of 36,000 for this segment. According to Tetra Pak, this is due to the line’s efficient freezing and high-precision cutting equipment that guarantees a uniform product. Further along the process, the newly developed dip-and-transfer unit allows gentle, precise dipping, as well as an error-free lay-off to the wrapper, resulting in minimal product waste.

At full capacity, it achieves a 60 percent increase in production is achieved without extra manpower, with only 44 percent more energy. The new system also can reduce manpower costs by 40 percent through automating operations that are being performed manually. On the new line, easy access for cleaning and maintenance means only three operators are needed, Tetra Pak says.

The line allows greater flexibility in switching between ice cream sticks and sandwiches, and handles up to four flavors and 12 different coatings without an equipment change.

 More information on the high extrusion line can be found here.