OREO is adding a new product to its portfolio. No, it’s not another wacky flavor like birthday cake, red velvet, cotton candy or even watermelon—products that tempt consumers to give in to their inner child. Instead, the new cookie variation—more sophisticated, crisp and delicate—is meant for adults.

According to Mondelez International, owner OREO’s manufacturer Nabisco, the new thinner cookie is a “grown-up” snacking option for consumers looking to satisfy a quick sweet need.

The new slimmer product provides a smaller cookie to filling ratio, which means less calories. A serving size for the new OREO Thins is four (4) cookies at 140 calories, vs. three (3) Original OREO Cookies for 160 calories.

“At OREO, we know that some of our fans have grown up and that their tastes have grown up too," said Patty Gonzalez, senior brand manager OREO at Mondelez International.  “With this in mind, we're excited to introduce OREO Thins as a new take on the classic cookie. The crisp and delicate texture of OREO Thins was specially designed for fans who love the taste of OREO but are looking for a more sophisticated cookie.”

But the US isn’t the first to taste the Thins. According to the Associated Press, OREO debuted the cookies in China last year to boost sales in a falling category and win back consumers who wanted something less rich.

 As a permanent addition to the OREO line of cookies, OREO Thins will be available nationwide beginning Monday, July 13 in the Original, Golden and Mint flavors.