In time for the holidays, Oreo manufacturer Mondelez International is testing a new packaging strategy—putting the design of the cookie’s iconic wrapper in the hands of consumers.

Dubbed “Oreo Colorfilled,” the strategy turns the wrapper into a canvas for imagination and personalization, allowing consumers who visit the option to create a completely custom cookie package this holiday season. The new initiative supports Mondelez’s goal to grow e-commerce revenues to $1 billion by 2020.

“The new Oreo Colorfilled packs digital store is the first step in a larger e-commerce and customization strategy,” says Cindy Chen, global head of e-commerce at Mondelez. “We are experimenting with how to best offer customized products to our consumers and we are thrilled about this unique offering for the holiday season.”

Upon visiting the website, consumers can choose from exclusive holiday themed black and white designs created by graphic artists. After selecting a design, users can freely color in the package using a palate of pre-designated colors with the ability to zoom in and out to cover every detail. Last, consumers can add a personal message and tack on holiday flair to the Oreo logo that includes accessories like scarves, hats and antlers. The company also provides the option of a more hands-on artistic experience where consumers can order a color-your-own pack which will arrive in a black and white design with choice with custom markers.

At $10 a pack, plus a $5 shipping charge, the custom packages are a bit steeper in cost than a standard box of cookies. But company representatives hope this invitation to get creative online will be a big draw for consumers.

“Our fans have been interacting and getting creative with Oreo cookies for more than 100 years so bringing this behavior to our pack was a natural next step,” says Janda Lukin, senior director Oreo at Mondelez International. “Oreo Colorfilled is an open invitation to our fans to bring their imagination to our Wonder filled world.”