Almost everyone loves chocolate, though unless it’s intentional, melted chocolate is a messy, frustrating problem. While most consumers are aware of the risk associated with leaving a chocolate bar in the car during a hot day, they may not realize the unique shipping challenges manufacturers face during the summer months or in warmer climates.

To solve this problem, the Hershey Company is seeking ideas for the development of a lightweight, affordable cool shipping system that will keep chocolate close to the temperature at which it was packed for at least 48 hours. The open contest is designed to identify new systems or materials that will allow chocolate to be shipped in warm weather without the need for gel packs. According to Hershey, the ultimate goal is to develop a system that would be inexpensive enough to use year round as part of the standard packaging for consumers’ chocolate shipments.

“With the rise of e-commerce, we understand it is critical to have affordable cool shipping technologies in place to continue providing consumers with quality experiences all year long,” says Eric Zampedri, manager, packaging innovation R&D at Hershey. “We decided a great way to solve this challenge was to take it to the same people who love chocolate through a crowdsourcing competition that will help us discover innovative technology ideas.”

Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Feb. 15. To learn more about the contest, terms and conditions, and how to submit an idea, visit Hershey Cool Ship Contest.