In order to leave a memorable impression on consumers and a good taste in their mouths, food brands must strive to create tasty, innovation and out-of-the-box products. That’s the secret recipe that start-up company Wilde Snacks of Boulder, Colorado, opted for.

However, just like most start-ups, the brand needed to find a partner who could support getting their brand off the ground. This is easier said than done. The world of packaging can be quite overwhelming with all the different packaging options. Flow wrappers, hermetic seals, automation, etc. It’s enough to give anyone a headache.

In a nutshell, Wilde Snacks needed to implement the right package that protects its “Wilde” bar. The Wilde bar is delicate because it contains real protein and its packaging must not have any leaks or holes, otherwise the product quality could be compromised. Thus, the start-up needed an expert that could guide them, helping them to avoid potential pitfalls and support in the set-up, training and maintenance of their packaging equipment.

Wilde Snacks found a partner that ticked all of those boxes — Bosch Packaging Technology. Through multiple consultations, the solution was found the — Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper, suitable for entry-level applications.

It’s all about the seals

Not only was Wilde Snacks looking for the best machine supplier in horizontal flow wrapping, but also a partner who could support the company through the process of choosing the optimal film – strong enough to contain the bar with a seal tight enough to ensure that no air could get inside. Bosch did both, by training and educating Wilde through every step of the way, as well as performing additional tests at their plant prior to ordering the equipment and demonstrating their capability to seal the packs at the required quality and speed. This enabled the Wilde’s product to meet consumers’ hands faster.

The Pack 101 solution offers everything that Wilde needed – it is capable of packaging up to 150 bars per minute. It also optimizes film usage and reduces product waste during production, while offering low operating and maintenance costs. This is accomplished via functions such as no-product-no-paper, eliminating film waste as well as no-jam functionality.

“We love the consistency of the machine,” says Jason Wright, Wilde Snacks Co-Founder. “It produces the perfect, reliable seal we expect for our product every time.”

After-sale support

With the machine now up and running and Wilde producing the highest quality products for their customers, it could very well be considered a job well done.

“Bosch treated us just like we were a large company or the next best thing. The customer service was there from day one,” says Jason Wright, Wilde Snacks Co-Founder. “I would recommend this machine to any start-up or small business.”

“Bosch will follow up and make sure you have the proper training, it’s been an all-around great experience for us,” Wright continues.

In partnership with Bosch, Wilde Snacks can look forward to an exciting future of growth in the industry.

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