Consumers are speaking loud and clear: they want healthy food and snack options that are convenient to eat and take on the go. One brand that has been offering these products and gained double-digit sales increases from doing so is The Wonderful Company.

Last year, which was largely sluggish in growth for the food and beverage industry, The Wonderful Company was one of few CPGs to outperform expectations because of its ability to market convenient and functional foods and beverages, according to a sales report released by The Boston Consulting Group and IRI.

“Our belief (is) that marketing and selling healthy products creates long term value in the lives of our customers,” says Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing. “The Wonderful Company is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality and best-tasting products because we believe that what you put into your body matters.”

The company made a decision early on to focus on marketing only healthy, natural products, such as fresh fruit, juices and nuts. The Wonderful Company committed to helping consumers make better choices. And since Wonderful products have been purchased by more than 50 percent of all US households, this strategy has paid off.

“Our healthy products are appealing to the increasing population of health-conscious consumers, and our health messaging proves to resonate with consumers,” says Cooper. “A 2016 Nielsen Harris Poll EquiTrend Study of 2,500 brands examined shopping habits for nearly 100,000 Millennials, Generation X’ers, and Boomers. The results revealed that Wonderful Company brands were in the Top 10 in each category and recognized by consumers as ‘on the way up.’”

Wonderful has employed a robust marketing plan via integrated campaigns that are designed to reach the consumer at different times and on different platforms. Also, the company has made use of its iconic branding and packaging allowing the consumer to easily identify its products that come in a variety of offerings.

“We strategically offer a variety of sizes and pack options that contribute to driving demand for our brands,” Cooper says.

New this year, Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted were launched in multipacks that include 9 1.5oz packs that are easily transportable. Also, the brand launched its new lightly salted no-shell pouches in addition to its popular roasted & salted no-shell resealable pouches.

However, all the best marketing and packaging can’t make up for a lack of high quality products. The Wonderful Company has ensured its products are consistently excellent through exercising control of its entire supply chain.

“Because we control the land and oversee the entire process—from planting to picking, from tree to shelf—we provide consumers with consistent, fresh and ‘wonderful’ fruits and nuts under our iconic brand names,” says Cooper. “What makes the Wonderful Company unique is that we’re known for being the first to transform commodities (like pistachios, mandarins and pomegranates) into healthy brands that consumers have come to know, love and trust.”