Deli Brands of America supplies wholesalers, restaurants and steakhouses, food retailers and industrial customers with delicatessen meats, steaks, veal, pork, lamb and other specialties. Previously the company had used several manual systems—including Excel and Outlook—as well as many paper-based forms for operating its production facility. Unfortunately, this led to inaccurate data, time-consuming information retrieval and poor reports.

Deli Brands looked for a better solution and found CSB-System, which specializes in ERP for food and beverage, and especially meat production. The introduction of the CSB-System has enabled the processor to manage its operations based on real-time data. For example, when it comes to the quality of raw materials and ingredients, “we can see where we stand every minute of the day,” says Jeff Saval, Deli Brands of America president. “Using the software, we have improved performance in inventory control, yields, personnel deployment and post-calculation,” adds Saval.

Using automated traceability and advanced reporting tools such as dashboards with detailed information, the system allows comprehensive tracing of various process steps throughout the enterprise. This enables Deli Brands to meet the strict traceability requirements of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard, a GFSI scheme accepted by customers.

The software’s Business Intelligence module provides real-time data that the processor can retrieve immediately instead of exporting reports or searching for information. Stock on hand, sales, financial reports and open receivables and payables are available at the touch of a button, as well as via smart phones.

Deli Brands’ customers have also benefitted through enhanced order fulfillment. The system allows fast replies to enquiries, provides precise cost calculations and makes billing more accurate and easier to read. Equally important, by scanning the barcodes of their products on receipt, the processor’s customers can maintain the data chain for traceability.

“We chose CSB because they know the meat industry very well and because they could give us a level of transparency that was unmatched by other ERP systems,” concludes Saval. “As we grow, the system will grow with us and our requirements.”

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