Company: Silgan Equipment


Equipment Snapshot: The Silgan Equipment 51R84 vision system has been significantly revised to let the system conduct 360-degree inspections of full-body shrink sleeve-labeled products, including beverages and other food products, as well as products with standard wraparound labels.

Multiple GigE cameras inspect the full length labels at speeds of up to 800 containers per minute, efficiently detecting label errors to ensure that only completely and properly labeled packaged products reach retail store shelves. Label images are processed in the GigE cameras using Windows 10 software, increasing throughput capability.

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The 51R84 system inspects each full-length label from the container base to the neck ring below the tamper-evident band for folds and tears (which may obscure critical product ingredients) and irregular label seams. It confirms proper label height on the container and sends alerts when labels are missing. System software identifies containers with defective labels for rejection optional pneumatic or soft touch ejectors before they can exit the facility.

The four GigE label inspection cameras produce a 360 image of each label, using LED lighting to enable clear label images. The earlier 51R84, which inspected only partial-bottle labels, used overhead lighting that sometimes produced unequal lighting and glare from irregular label surfaces.