Company: Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery


Equipment Snapshot: This high-speed, sanitary gummy filling system integrates with a variety of multihead weighers and includes a Spee-Dee rotary filler and proprietary gummy streaming technology. The technology uses several patent-pending features that, when combined, help stream gummies one at a time to accurately fill bottles of various sizes.

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Multiple proprietary streaming mechanisms work together to achieve high-speed, accurate fills. First, gummies are deposited from a multihead weigher into a slide ring pocket with dividers to ensure the gummies are separated for streaming. Next, gummies are streamed into funnels by a slide plate. Shaped like a wedge, this plate ensures the gummies fall into the funnels without clumps, one-by-one. Lastly, any smaller product clumps are separated by a funnel baffle that prevents bridging before gummies are deposited into the container.

Together, the multihead weigher, Spee-Dee rotary filler and proprietary gummy streaming technology can fill up to 180 containers per minute.