The Nyle Container Food Dryer features a dehumidification unit, air handling equipment and touch screen controls for a fully controlled climate within the re-engineered shipping container. Customers can choose and customize racks, shelves, trays and/or carts that the product will be dried on in the container chamber. The food dryer is prefabricated and can be moved; therefore, it’s modular and can accommodate facility expansion for customers that are short on a footprint. Nyle heat pump dehumidification systems facilitate reduction of product moisture content while maintaining quality characteristics such as color, texture, nutrients and essential ingredients. Heat pumps work well for drying products such as healthy snack foods, jerky and pet treats where low temperatures and humidity control are critical. The food dryers are also ideal for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, pet food, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, tea and coffee. In the container chamber, the customer can create the ideal climate for the food or pet product that’s being dried.

Nyle Systems