Borealis and Trexel announced a co-developed a new plastic bottle based on a grade from the Bornewables portfolio of polyolefins made using renewable feedstocks derived 100% from waste and residue streams. The lightweight bottle is reusable and fully recyclable, and has a significantly lower overall CO2 footprint because it is composed of renewably sourced feedstock and produced in the foaming process.

The Bornewables portfolio of circular polyolefins is designed to help reduce the carbon footprint while offering material performance equal to virgin polymers. Using Bornewables grades reportedly allows for design freedom and color flexibility, and helps retain a premium look and feel. The grades—which are commercially available in Europe—help conserve natural resources because they are derived from waste and residue streams, for example from used cooking oil. Reusing waste already in circulation instead of fossil fuel-based feedstocks enhances the sustainability of applications made using the Bornewables grades.

The reusable new bottle developed by Borealis and Trexel is designed to retain its value over many lifecycles using Trexel’s proprietary technology in tandem with Bornewables grades.