Wicked Kitchen has added Birthday Cake ice pints along with three stews and three mac and cheese flavors to its product lineup. 

The Birthday Cake Ice Cream is plant-based and includes vegan cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles, in addition to a blend that uses the lupin bean.

Heat & Serve Stews are offered in three varieties—Tuscan Style White Bean Stew with butter beans, cannellini beans and navy beans is simmered in broth with tomatoes, leeks, fennel seed and oregano; Bourguignon is a French stew with mushrooms, fried onions and chickpeas simmered in red wine sauce; and Sweet Potato & Three Bean Chili is Texas-style with three types of beans, sweet potatoes and rice simmered in a tomato sauce spiced with cumin, cayenne, smoked paprika and chocolate.

The three Mac & Cheeze varieties include This is NACHO Mac & Cheeze that is Mexican-inspired with plant-based nacho cheezy sauce and macaroni packs; BBQ King Mac & Cheeze is a smoky BBQ mac with plant-based cheezy sauce; and Smoky Bac-no Mac & Cheeze is smoky, saucy and creamy and made with vegan bacon and plant-based cheesy macaroni.