JBT Corporation has published its 2022 environmental, social, governance (ESG) report, “Sustainable Solutions for a Growing World.” According to JBT, the report outlines key accomplishments as a result of the company’s tradition of partnering with customers to optimize resources, prioritize health and safety and for the company to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

“As the world’s population grows, resources are becoming increasingly constrained,” states Brian Deck, president and chief executive officer. “In order to produce food sufficient to feed a growing population for decades to come, we, as a society, need to continue to develop sustainable solutions. This includes the way food and beverages are produced, processed, and prepared for the end consumer.”

JBT’s second annual ESG report highlights milestones, activities, and progress toward its Elevate 2.0 strategy that is reportedly centered around three key pillars:

  • Customer Solutions: JBT states that it works directly with consumers around the world to optimize food and beverage production. According to the report, over 70% of the company’s product and service revenue stems from equipment that delivers environmental benefits in 2022. The main segments that reportedly show positive change include, food quality and safety, food and packaging waste, product shelf-lives, operational emissions and yields. This includes the company’s launch of its OmniBlu platform—which utilizes machine learning, predictive analysis, artificial intelligent (AI) and other digital tools—to address customer concerns contributed by providing insights through efficiency and sustainability related data collection. Reportedly, through the AeroTech business, JBT focuses on providing solutions to reduce carbon-based fuels via electrification and automation.
  • People and Communities: In 2022, JBT Corporation filled 1,500 new positions in its global workforce with an average employee tenure of 7.8 years. According to JBT, the goal of its employee engagement strategy diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI). In 2022, JBT’s global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIEB) Council evolved its DEI strategy to focus on DEIB. In 2021, it piloted its first two Employee Network Communities (ENCs) for Black and Female employees and in 2022, the company reports that its ENCs grew.
  • Responsible Operations: JBT explains that its goal is to model an ‘improvement mindset’ to its customers and internal operations. This is reportedly done through resource optimization, carbon footprint and waste reduction, internally. Due to JBT Corporation’s role in the larger food and beverage ecosystem, it discusses how engagement plays a large role in addressing environmental concerns.