Kemin Industries has launched the Meat Optimization Tool to help customers identify solutions for protecting meat and poultry products. 

The four-step quiz allows food manufacturers to explore product and cost-savings options.

“Our new Meat Optimization Tool is a fun and engaging way to explore how the Kemin portfolio of ingredient solutions can help manufacturers overcome specific meat and poultry challenges,” says Courtney Schwartz, marketing director, Kemin Food Technologies – North America. “At Kemin, we can solve formulators’ most difficult oxidation challenges to keep the color of meat looking fresh while protecting the appealing taste that will drive consumers to choose the brands we support again and again. We offer food safety solutions, including several that address microbial spoilage and yield enhancement solutions such as Proteus and InnoBLQ, specifically for use in breaded and fried foods.”

The Kemin Meat Optimization Tool allows manufacturers to discover how Kemin’s ingredient solutions can overcome challenges such as:

  • Color loss
  • Flavor
  • Microbial growth
  • Yield and quality enhancement
  • Fat reduction
  • Breading issues
  • Cost optimization

“We are excited for website users to try our complimentary Meat Optimization Tool and discover personalized product offerings,” Schwartz says. “From simple one-ingredient solutions to more complex options, this new resource helps showcase our deep technical expertise and ongoing commitment to innovation. Our highly experienced technical team is available to help with dedicated support throughout all testing phases and help formulators achieve the label claims that will keep today’s consumers coming back for more.”