SPX FLOW’s APV brand is highlighting milk fractionation as an alternative to whey fractionation in milk processing.

The company’s dairy experts have developed a way to preserve milk’s nutritional benefits. SPX FLOW's advanced microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration technologies allow for more variety in milk separation, preserving casein, whey proteins, lactose, permeate, minerals and water ingredients.

This is necessary to produce food and beverage products such as sports supplements, protein bars and infant formula.

SPX FLOW’s solution allows for cutting production costs and keeping more of each yield. This approach aligns with growing demand for environmentally conscious practices in the dairy industry as the solution offers zero waste of milk’s components.

The milk fractionation process starts with microfiltration and ultrafiltration. In simple terms, tiny tunnels in membrane filters that often trap larger molecules such as whey proteins allow lactose to slip through. By adjusting pore sizes – or in other words, selecting right type of membrane – producers can control which components are separated and keep as many or as few desired.

“With increasing demand for nutritious drinks and a hyperfocus on sustainability, milk fractionation emerges as a game-changer," says Pranav Shah, SPX FLOW global market director, dairy and plant-based beverages. "The innovative solution offers enhanced nutritional value while also maximizing the ingredients in each beverage and dairy product.”