Food startup BettaF!sh is introducing SAL-NOM, a plant-based alternative to hot-smoked salmon made from European seaweed. 

Following the success of BettaF!sh TU-NAH in October 2021, BettaF!sh is expanding its product range to include salmon, one of the world's most popular fish species. Developed in the heart of Berlin by a team of seaweed enthusiasts, food technologists and trained chefs, this salmon alternative looks and tastes like the original. 

Made from European organic seaweed, fava bean and pea proteins, SAL-NOM offers an authentic sea flavor without the use of soy and wheat. The product is designed for health-conscious consumers, providing a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which are essential for a balanced diet.

“SAL-NOM is not just a product; it showcases our dedication to innovation, sustainability and taste,” says Deniz Ficicioglu, CEO of BettaF!sh. “By leveraging the natural benefits of seaweed, we offer a fish alternative that is not only delicious but also significantly contributes to the protection of our oceans and personal health.”

Seaweed requires no resources such as soil, freshwater, fertilizers or pesticides, and helps the ecosystem regain balance. 

“We worked on our product until SAL-NOM could convince both in terms of taste and nutritional values,” says Leonie Wagner, food technologist and product developer at BettaF!sh. “The initial feedback from taste testers has exceeded our expectations.”